Ontario and Quebec during Winter


We bought two tickets at Air Canada in euros with internet.

We were surprised that we had counted
 bank financing costs because the

Air Canada accounting center was located in Winnipeg. We sent our bank statement at

Air Canada which has repaid the bank charges. A first good point to Air Canada!

When we flew, we immediately saw that the space between seats was

greater than during our last 2 trips with Air France and Japan Airlines. Service on board was

excellent and we will give a second good point to Air Canada.



We rested two nights at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel before taking the train to Ottawa.

We chose this hotel because we access the train station directly from the elevator lobby.

We left on a Friday and stayed at the Chateau Laurier Hotel.

We visited our friends Rachel and Claude living Gatineau, the Separated Town of Ottawa by the Outaouais River.


Saturday was sunny and we walked on two sides of the canal Rideau, representing 7.8 km.


 Designated as World Heritage by UNESCO, the Rideau Canal becomes every winter

the world's largest skating rink .


Canadian families come skate

Hotel Chateau Laurier in the background


The next day, Sunday, the weather is snowy and we went to the Museum of Civilization in the

Quebec. This museum is a must for learning about Canadian history.


the museum of civilization along the Outaouais river

inside the museum


We spent a good part of the day in the museum and returning to our hotel, we took views

of main attractions of Ottawa.


Parliament of Canada


Library of senators


view of the Chateau Laurier Hotel from the Museum of Civilization


Hotel Chateau Laurier


the Museum of Fine Arts


 Notre-Dame cathedral


Sculpture honor the women

On Monday morning we took the train to Niagara Falls,

a long journey of more than 7 hours.


Previously, the train station was located across from the


 Chateau Laurier Hotel, and accessible by a tunnel.


Today it is located outside the city center.




We stayed two nights at the Sheraton Fallsview Hotel, a hotel located at the foot of Horseshoe Falls.


the hotel

the view from our room


the Canadian fall


the American fall


We've been to Niagara Falls in September. We had flown in a helicopter. We had approached with

the Maid of the Mist. We much prefer the show saw with the boat. This year, we decided to

see in winter under the snow and ice and it's a completely different show, without any organized tour

and quiet without the crowds of tourists.

We left on a Wednesday, a stormy day on the Great Lakes and have joined the Toronto train station by bus,

then we took the train to Montreal and stayed again at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. The next day,

we visited the Atwater Market, a market with high quality products and very often "Bio".

We were surprised to learn that it was selling Grenoble walnuts from California or french cherries

 from Chile! After we went to 3000 Rue Saint Antoine, in a  recycled fur factory.


 This is done to see the creators and their achievements.



On Friday, we took over the Abitibi train, which runs three times a week and that stopped us at a level crossing

in the village of St. Paulin where is the  Baluchon. A car was waiting for us from the hostel. This is the

best way to get there and back to Montreal but you will need starting a Friday and returning Sunday

for example.



the reception of baluchon

Archipelago Hostel where we stayed


At Le Baluchon, we visited the Eco Café which replaces the Micro Brewery and is operational this year.

In the center of activity, we have found Nancy that we had seen two years ago. The evening dinner

it must be said here supper, Nelly immediately recognized us and the next morning at breakfast,

Jeannine welcomed by Anny "a Mrs. Tea" because she remembered that Anny is a big tea drinker.


ski tracks marked out every day

2 km boardwalk to get to the restaurant


the fall aux Trembles with snow


the Loup River


With the price of the pension, many activities are free as cross country skiing, snowshoeing, skating, sledding.

During the week, Elizabeth replaced Nancy . She immediately remembered
she had advised us the previous year.

All these little signs of recognition for us that are Baluchon is the warmest places on Quebec.

We had the great pleasure of meeting Line. She is beautiful and we could have spent by her side without recognizing her.

We, we age, she, she rejuvenates. Line thank you for the nice gift that you have placed in our room. It's too nice.

All week, we enjoyed the cuisine of Chef Mr. Gerome, it is still our best table in

Quebec this year and the dish of seafood that Mr. Luc has given us for our last night was divine.


Congratulations to the Chief! you are a GOOD!

Last year we had befriended John and Lina and we had the pleasure of spending the last 2 days

with them. Lina had come with her brother Roberto and Bertha, his wife.


 Lina, Jean and Bertha at the 1st plan and Charles, Anny and Roberto at the background

On Friday we took leave of our friends. We leave for Quebec City.




In Quebec, we had booked a room at the Clarendon thinking be close to the parade on Saturday evening.

Now the parade is several miles from our hotel and it is better to come on the second Saturday

for the parade in Old Quebec.


Hotel Le Clarendon

What about this hotel? It was the wrong choice of our trip:

you arrive with lots of luggage but there is nobody to receive you.

. There are only 2 lifts obsolete and slow to serve all rooms. When there are

many customers at the restaurant, we seem to be into a refectory. The first 2 nights we

had a warm plate with cold vegetables. The last night we asked for hot vegetables. Phew!

What makes this hotel in the guide Ulysses?


Besides its good location, you should avoid this address because it is more expensive


the bonhomme Carnaval

the ice house where is the contest of sculptures on snow


a sculpture appreciated by the public

Award of Excellence


the boat race of women who make the crossing of St. Laurent Quebec-Levis-Quebec


males do 2 times the crossing in 45 minutes


preparation of a tacot before the race


the ice rink


We loved this carnival of the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec City by Samuel de Champlain.


By going to the race boats, we met the firemen of the city who trained in

the icy waters of the St. Lawrence


click on the picture to see the video


the chateau Frontenac

a street in the snow


the porte Dauphine


the porte Saint Jean


ice sculpture for 400 years


roof's view from our room


church in the city

We enjoyed the weekend of Carnival in Quebec City with

all these visitors came specifically for the different

animations. On Monday, we took the train to Montreal.





view of Mount Royal from our room


The day before our departure, we went in Old Montreal, at 84 rue St. Paul East, in the shop

"Aux délices de l'érable" is to do if you want to bring a typical gift from Canada. We also

stopped into a pub to taste poutine, a Quebec specialty made of chips, cheese and sauce.

This might be acceptable without the sauce but it is not worth another specialty of Montreal which is

the sandwich "smoked meat". The restaurant of our hotel, The "Montrealais", serves very good.

The day we left, we had our last snow storm and Lina and Jean invited us into their "condo" to spend the day with them.


 Lina had prepared an excellent meal before she drive us to the airport.