The New Zeland in 1994



North Island

South Island


From Brisbane, we flew to Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. On leaving the restaurant, a couple of

New Zealand has taken back to our hotel via the Auckland harbor at sunset. En route, they

Drove in the place where the French spies sank the Greenpeace ship.

We were not comfortable .......

We then rented a car and visited in the north of North Island, the "Bay of islands" and a forest where

 stands the most large Kauri tree in New Zealand.

South west of Auckland, we were impressed by the hot springs of Roturoa and a geyser that goes off every day at

10 hours. In the rain which stayed with us for 18 days, we reached Wellington, the capital, to return back

our car and take a boat to the South Island.

You can not rent a car in the North Island and keep it in the South Island.

You must return back the car at the ship's departure and to rent another on arrival.

We visited the glaciers on the west coast and never see Mount Cook, the highest peak in the Alps

 of New Zealand with its 3754 meters. We then moved to Queenstown to visit Milford Sound by boat.

The bad weather did not allow for this visit and we went to Invercargill, a small port in the south

 of the island, the end of the world ...........

We drove along the east coast and we stopped in Akaroa, the city where the French presence existed before

the arrival of English. We saw a plaque announcing the visit of our Prime Minister Michel Rocard in this place,

probably to make us forgive our wrongdoing against the Green Peace ship.

We resumed our flight to Christchurch to Sydney, always in the rain!!


North Island


Bay of islands in the northern North Island

the largest Kauri tree in New Zealand





Roturoa and geysers



South Island


The Fox Glacier on the South Island

The winter sports resort of Queenstown



Nugget Point light house

The Seal of New Zealand



10 sheep for a resident

Akaroa, the french city