From Washington to Savannah




Arlington Cimetary

Skyline Drive


Biltmore Castle



Magnolia Plantation

Boone Plantation

Océan Isle Beach

Outer Banks

Virginia Beach

Yorktown, Jamestown, Williamsburg






DAY  1


This year, we tried the company's Open Skies, a subsidiary of British Airways, which offers business class charter flights

from Paris-Orly to New York Newark and Washington Dulles Airports.

The rate is about 2 times cheaper than in airlines and almost two times more than economy class ..

we took our flight to Washington Dulles with Open Skies at Orly South.

In first, Open Skies seat is less comfortable and difficult to maneuver to stretch out.

In second, you disturb the passenger behind you when you change the position of your seat.

 The main meal is equivalent to economy class with Air France with a cloth-table.

The Air France crew is very professional, compared to Open Skies.

Your meal is served at once while with Air France, the staff will distribute a paper menu and you have a service for the appetizers

, one for the main course and one for cheese and desserts.

With Air France, you are very comfortable in a shell with a soft seat that extends almost horizontally almost without disturbing

 your neighbor from behind.

We staid at the Embassy Suites Dulles-North / Loudoun in Ashburn. Nice hotel. Nothing to report.


DAY  2


We took the road to Alexandria avoiding highways and discovering the landscape around the capital.

Before going into Alexandria, you can not miss the Masonic temple dedicated to George Washington.

This temple is built on a hill and offers a beautiful view of the capital .


the temple

view from the temple


statue of Georges Washington

General George Washington, first president of the United States

was a freemason


We crossed the charming city of Alexandria to get to the home of George Washington at Mount Vernon.

On the road, we stopped in one of the five George Washington's farms. He never lived in this place.

It is a beautiful place with views of the Potomac River.


view of the farm from the river

the back of the farm


Potomac river's view from the farm




an other dependence

George Washington acquired this property in 1760.




We went to the Embassy Suites near the Convention Center in the early afternoon. We choose this hotel

to be near the main monuments of the city to do the walking tours.


The entrance of Chinatown


We started toward the Capitol and we visited it with a guided tour.


Capitol's view

Inside Capitol


statue of Liberty


The same statue at the top of the Capitol






statue of Jefferson


statue of G. Washington


view of the obelisk


locomotion system imported from Viet-Nam


DAY  3

We visited the memorial of the respective second world war and that of the Viet Nam war and of the Korean War before visiting

the Lincoln Memorial where the reverend Martin Luther King delivered his famous speech "I have a dream" 



mémorial world war 2

mémorial world war 2


Vietnam War Memorial with the names of the dead on the wall


Vietnam War Memorial


Korean War Memorial


Korean War Memorial


Abraham Lincoln Memorial


Abraham Lincoln Memorial


In late afternoon, we visited the museum of aviation



Museum view

U.S. Aeropostal


Museum view


Spirit of Saint Louis


Charles Lindbergh's plane


20 and May,21 1927 Charles Lindbergh was the first man

to cross the Atlantic Ocean.






DAY  4


In the morning, we saw the start of a race of hope with thousands of people of all ages.

After we went outside the gates of the White House.


The race for a good cause


The White House

The White House with Conchita's tent in the foreground


The White House with snipers on the roof


Lafayette Park outside the White House

We took the subway to get to the Arlington National Cimetery.

We took a bus tour that stopped us before the grave of John F Kennedy, his wife Jackie, their baby died at birth and Sister Kennedy.

We have witnessed the changing of the guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


Entry of Arlington Cimetery

Opening Hours


Cimetery's view

Arlington Cemetery is a military cemetery established during the civil war

on the property of the general Lee's wife, the commander of the confederate armies.

Nearly 300000 dead rest in this place. they are the soldiers of  the various conflicts

conducted by the U.S. but also political persons provided they are veterans.



a special place is reserved for the assassined president John F Kennedy


and his family


Changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknows


Washington DC's view from the Tomb of Unknows


Pierre Charles L'Enfant grave


Pierre Charles L'Enfant was a french guy born at Anet in 1754. He followed

lessons from his father at the Paris Academy of Painting and Sculpture .

At 22 years, he joined the general Washington and participated in the

independence of the United States. At the end of the war, he is responsible

for establishing plans for the capital by G. Washington. Because of his bad

temper, the project is withdrawn. He will not be paid and

 he died in poverty. In 1901, the grateful nation rehabilite him.

His remains will be transferred to Arlington in 1909.

This was the first person neither political nor military to be buried

at Arlington



the amphitheater at Arlington

The Arlington Memorial amphithater is used for different national ceremonies.

The auditorium can hold 5000 people.


We took again the subway and a taxi to visit the Georgetown area recommended by our guide and we found no interest.

After lunch, we went to the botanical garden. YOU MUST VISIT IT



orchids in the botanical garden


botanical garden


Embassy Suites Convention center offered good value for money for the situation.

Our Rating : ***





DAY  5


From Washington, we drove to Gettysburg along the back roads. We crossed the old Frederick village and prefered it to Thurmont.

Arriving at the battlefield, we found no information and are going for Charlottesville. We drove avoiding highways.

We stopped at Hamton Inn hotel Front Royal. YOU CAN STAY HERE


DAY  6


From our hotel, we went to National park entrance Shenendaoh and crossed park road along the skyline drive.

We crossed the landscape to more than 3000 meters with a lot of views.

 This road merits 3 stars in the Michelin guide.

But it is not reported in the Hachette blue guide. Our rating ***


 skyline drive in  the national park Shenandaoh

75 equipped stops to discover the landscapes


the view from a stop on the road


White-tailed deer


view from the road

We took the skyline drive at Front Royal and drove through the 105 miles of the toll

road for nearly 5 hours.

The speed limit is 35 MPH

We crossed deers but we could see black bears, elks, lynxs, foxes, raccoons.......





We arrived at the Chalottesville Hilton Garden Inn in the early afternoon and visited Monticello Jefferson's House.


The home of Thomas Jefferson declared a UNESCO world heritage

the back of the house


both of us on the side of the house


Thomas Jefferson completed 2 mandates as president between 1800 and 1808.

He negotiated the purchase of Louisiana with Napoleon.This purchase was ratified December 20, 1803 and has seen a doubling of U.S. territory.

 He sent the Lewis and Clark Expedition recognize the region between the East and West United States. This was the forerunner of the Wild West.

In addition to being a man politics, he was also inventor, architect, philosopher and agriculturalist
and loved France. He was ambassador to France between 1785 and 1789.

Too bad it is forbidden to photograph inside

Our rating: **




The Garden Inn Hotel was first on Tripadvisor and we agree.

Our best stop of our trip!




DAY  7


In Charlottesville, it was raining heavily and we took the highway to get to Asheville. En route we came across a village destroyed by a tornado, awesome!!

We took a room at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel , which was near the castle of Biltmore.




We bought our tickets at the hotel, $ 50 per person and we arrived at 8:30 for opening the gates of the castle.

We were impressed by the castle but also the modernity of the interior.

Our rating: ***

and this castle was not reported in our Blue Guide Hachette.



Biltmore Castle

window with gargoyles


castle entry


it looks like Blois castle in France


back of the castle


view of the castle from the garden


the view from the castle

George Washington Vanderbilt built this castle which is a mixture of the

 castles of Chambord, Chenonceau and Blois.

His family had made a fortune in the railroad and steamboats. We still can

 not imagine that one man can do construct such a field in the late 19th century.

Today, the area still belongs to the family.

 1 hotel was built on the area to receive visitors.


We visited the gardens and have finished our visit by winnery where we enjoyed with a good white wine and above all a delicious rose wine. 


Biltmore garden

Biltmore garden


Biltmore garden


Biltmore garden


Biltmore garden

After visiting the castle where once again, you are prohibited from filming
and photograph, a hiking trail takes you to a small pond
by introducing you to beautiful gardens maintained and wild.




DAY  9


At 8am, we took the highway to Savannah and met rain over much of the circuit.

 We found a room quite expensive at Hilton Garden Inn. We visited the banks of the Savannah River.



the shopping street along the river.


We have made an excellent meal at the River House Seafood along the river. 



DAY  10


We followed the advice of the Blue Guide and visited the principal houses of Savannah.

 For lunch, we took lunch at City Market and returned on the banks of the Savannah River in the afternoon.


City Hall

City Market


City Market


A place with beautiful trees


this renovated house is a bed and breakfast


other bed and breakfast


warehouse along the river


restaurant along the river


Owens-Thomas House which visited the Marquis de Lafayette in 1825

We did not like Savannah. It is a city dirty and poorly renovated.

We give a star for many leafy squares.


In the evening we had an excellent meal at the Chart House along the river.

 our rating :           not more 1 day to visit Savannah




DAY  11


We left Savannah and headed to Charleston where we took a room at the Embassy Suites.

We visited the old houses of Charleston.


the walk on The Battery

Saint Michael's Church


city Hall


US Custom House


St Philips Church


Charleston's House


Charleston's House


Charleston's House


Charleston's House

For us, Charleston is the prettiest city in the United States

 our rating : ***


We visited the house Edmonston-Alston House, where it is forbidden to take pictures.

One wonders why when you claim $ 10 to see old furniture and old photographs without interest.

The guides gave us permission to take pictures outside but the owner has forbidden us by claiming that it was private property.



Edmondston-Alston House


Edmondston-Alston House


Edmondston-Alston House

3 stars in the Hachette Guide Bleu.
Move along, nothing to see and do not waste 10 dollars.


We will keep the worst memory of our trip with the visit. RUN AWAY !!!!! our rating : 00000


 our rating : ***  for the pleasant city of Charleston





DAY  12


In the morning we went to Magnolia Plantation and we kept all the options of the visit.

Tours of the gardens, to do;

The tour of the house, can be avoided because you can not take pictures.

The way nature by train, it can be done but not required.

The visit of slaves quarter interesting to realize the housing of the poor people.

The visit by boat, can be avoided

A visit to the Audubon Swamp, so it must be done absolutely.



 Magnolia plantation

the slaves's houses


the romantic Long Bridge


beautiful trees


again a beautiful tree


the boat tour


Audubon Swamp


Audubon Swamp


Egrets in Audubon Swamp

We took the ticket to $ 47 which provides access to all visits.

We spent all day on the site.

our rating : *** 






DAY  13


Early morning we went to Boone's Plantation. $ 17 per person to visit the house, gardens and around the plantation

with a small train and the slave quarters (well done). We returned to the hotel by early afternoon.


the cypress avenue

Boone Hall Plantation


the front door of the house


the gate that faces the alley of cypress


a beautiful tree


this one is rooted in the marsh

the slaves quarter


a cotton field


a smoker

You need just a morning to visit this beautiful plantation.

 our rating : **

We put 2 stars because we gave three stars to the Magnolia Plantation.

Not to be missed if you have time





Then we took a ferry ($ 15 per person) to Fort Sumter. We spent the afternoon on this place.


Fort Sumter



Fort Sumter

After the War of 1812 and the destruction of Washington DC,
governments decided to strengthen their coasts with the construction
of forts. The construction of Fort Sumter began in 1829 and was
90% completed in 1860. On April 12, 1861 the Confederates fired on Fort
Sumter and after a bombardment of 34 hours, the commander of the fort
Robert Anderson rendered the fort to Confederate General Beauregard.
In 1947, the United States Army closed the fort and the following year he was
supported by the National Park Service.




DAY  14


We took the road to Myrtle Beach, which has deeply disappointed. We continued north and have entered

Ocean Isle Beach where we're staying at the Beach Club Resort, a small bedroom with double bed.


0cean Isle

Ocean Isle


wedding on the beach in front of our hotel

This is a step to avoid. The hotel is poorly insulated and expensive with breakfast unworthy of the asking price.

There are two restaurants at the entrance of the island.
We were in the first and we fed without pleasure.





DAY  15


After attending a wedding on the beach, we went to Morehead.

Cathy Adair
inform us very well to book the ferry to Cape Hatteras.

We wanted to sleep at the Hampton Inn Morehead  but before the 1:50 to go to Cedar Island,

we prefered to book a room at the Driftwood motel and took the first pass of 7 H AM .



DAY  16


From Cedar Island, we took the ferry to Ocracoke Island, crossing of 2:40, then another ferry to Hatteras Island in 40 minutes.

We liked the small island of Ocracoke, we observed that the sleeping accommodations existed and that in this case the solution is probably

to take a ferry in the afternoon and sleep there.

We climbed the 257 steps to the lighthouse and saw Hatteras Cape .


our ferry

cape Hatteras seen from the top of the lighthouse


the lighthouse


the 257 steps


We crossed the Outer Banks and booked a room at the Corolla Hampton Inn


the coast before Corolla

view from our bedroom


view from our bedroom


restaurant North Banks


In the evening we dined at North Banks, probably our best fish dish (a grilled cobia) since our arrival.

 our rating for le restaurant North Banks : *** 


DAY  17


We stayed in Corolla. In the morning we walked on the beach for 7.6 miles before taking lunch at Subway.
In the afternoon we were until the end of the road and visited the  Corolla lighthouse.


Corolla beach

Corolla beach


Corolla beach


view from our hotel


Corolla lighthouse


the steps


the national park

the end of the island is an area inhabited by wild horses and managed

by national parks.




DAY  18


From Corolla, we drove to Virginia Beach. We were positively interested in the seaside town and its animation.

We sleep in Hampton Inn North, a beautiful hotel and we have a nice room with sea view


Neptune god of the sea

view from our hotel


the walk along the seaside


Animation on Sunday


marina near Rudee's restaurant


the restaurant Rudee's


the beach

This may be the proximity to Washington that Virginia Beach

looks like a French beach


 our rating for Rudee's Restaurant : *** 




DAY  19


This morning we visited Yorktown, theater of a battle in the history of the American Revolution. We found the predominant role

 played by France in this revolution: Admiral De Grasse, which forced the British to surrender at Yorktown and also Generals

 Lafayette and Rochambeau who fought alongside George Washington.








The visit of Jamestown was not interesting.






In Williamsburg, we visited the historic district where they attended a performance in costume of their revolution.










To visit the city, we had to pay an entrance fee quite expensive.

our rating for Aberdeen Barn Restaurant : *




DAY  20


We wanted to stop in Richmond. But before this ugly city we continued our road to Fredericksburg.

  We could not visit it because of bad weather. We sleep for the first time in a Hilton Homewood Suites.

Hampton Inn and Suites were located in the same area and were all booked. We had our room with our HHonors card.

In the Hilton hotel chain, there is always a room for an HHonors member. We checked.

The room is great because we have 2 bedrooms (2 queen beds and a king) and a lounge where you can do the kitchen.






DAY  21


Today in Fredericksburg, we visited the historic city and the field of battle between the southerners and northerners.


a downtown street

a nice house


the house of Hugh Mercer Apothecary. He was also a friend of George Washington and Brigadier General. He died at the Battle of Princeton


the statue of Hugh Mercer, a hero of American independence


Rising Sun Tavern was founded by the brother of G. Washington

store Fielding Lewis, husband of Betty Washington, sister of George


house of Mary Washington, the mother of George


Kenmore plantation was inhabited by Betty Washington and her husband


Fredericksburg battle field


Fredericksburg battle field


Fredericksburg battle field

4 bloody battles took place in the city of Fredericksburg and
its environs during the American Civil War
from 1861 to 1865.
100 000 soldiers were killed during these battles.
620 000 soldiers lost their lives during the war without counting
civilian casualties.




DAY  22


We avoided the highways to get to our Embassy Suites in Ashburn where we spend the night before our flight. 

DAY  23


Return to Paris


Thank you to our friends in Quebec Luce and Denis for their advice.

Without them we would not have discovered the Skyline Drive and Castle Biltmore