Iguaçu falls

Peninsula Valdés


Lake Argentino


In November 1999, our choice of travel was a trip to South America with arrival in Iguazu,

International Airport. This trick has saved us a plane ticket from Buenos Aires to Iguazu


Iguaçu Falls

        The Brazilian side view



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The Argentinean side view



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The Iguazu Falls are classified as World Heritage by UNESCO since 1984 and are paradoxically unknown.

Have we succeeded in removing this injustice by giving you the desire to go.

For us these are the most BEAUTIFUL .......


We flew back to Buenos Aires where we spent the night before catching a plane to the Peninsula Valdes.





peninsula Valdes



When we arrived in Trelew, we rented a car and we went directly to Punta Tombo,

110 km south to see the Magellan penguins.







Once the chicks born, the colony will consist of

 approximately 500,000 penguins.

The nests are built away from predators and

some penguins nest in more one kilometer

 from the sea The female lays 1 or 2 eggs that

are incubated by the two parents. The penguins are loyal

and the same pairs are formed from one year to another.




From the colony of penguins, we took the track to go to Puerto Montt and stayed at the Bahia Nueva hotel.

We had booked over the Internet. This place is very well situated for visiting the Valdes Peninsula but you

will spend a night at the lighthouse of Punta Delgada because at the foot of lighthouse is the colony

of elephant seals the largest of the peninsula. DO NOT MISS.

From Punta Piramides, the whale safaris are organized.






Scientists recognize right whales because

they have calluses on their heads from birth.

We were dazzled by jumping whales. For us,

This was the first time. Since we attended Exmouth

Australia to an unforgettable spectacle of whales.

The whales were more numerous and permanent jumps.



Behind the lighthouse of Punta Delgada, you see buildings that include a restaurant and some rooms.

We stayed one night and went down on the beach at night and early morning to observe the elephant seals










The breeding season was probably over because we have not seen the dominant males with their imposing nose

who gave the name of the elephant seals. We were there at the time of moulting and females must wait their

new skin to go and eat.



the dominant male's mane gave the names of these sea lions.

We observed these sea lions from the top a cliff.


In addition to these marine mammals, we also observed sea birds and terrestrial mammals.


the black cormorants nest on the cliff
facilitating the flight of newborns




rheas among sheep




the armadillo




After four nights of the Peninsula Valdes, we took the plane to go in the southernmost city in the

world: Ushuaia







The visit to Ushuaia was motivated by the television show of Nicolas Hulot. Note that this is the only place

where we heard some French spoken in the street. Ushuaia is a free port which leads many

tourists but prices are not at the appointment. This is one of the most expensive cities in Argentina.

It is a destination not to be missed if you travel to this region. Climate is hard and change

quickly. We landed with a temperature of 12 ° and the next day it snowed.


The downtown Ushuaia

the view of Ushuaia from our hotel




The Beagle Channel


National Park of Tierra del Fuego


National Park of Tierra del Fuego


From Ushuaia we flew to Rio Gallegos and then a small bus to El Calafate, a town unmissable

to visit the park of the glaciers.





The Glacier National Park



In El Calafate, we stayed at the Michelangelo Hotel which we booked on the Internet. We had a

beautiful room and the restaurant was excellent.

The first day was Monday, we made the boat trip on Lake Argentino. The shipping company

has a monopoly for 25 years and the rates are quite high with the exception of Monday.



lake Argentino

lake Argentino


lake Argentino


Glacier Upsalla three times larger than Buenos Aires


Bay O'Nelli


Bay O'Nelli


forest of lenga trees

a Condor


The boat trip among icebergs takes 8 hours.

The boat stopped in the bay O'Nelly where we

through a forest of lenga trees. Many trees have died

because of the ground and high winds. The ride ends

by the sight of glaciers omelly, Bolado and Agazzis and

icebergs that drift on the lake.


The Perito Moreno glacier is 35 km long and 5 km wide at a height of 80 m. A GIANT .....

We spent a day to visit it


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The Corner of Sighs

view by boat from the hidden part of the glacier





The Perito Moreno glacier is one of the few

living glaciers in the world which means it continues

to advance. During the ride boat, we approach

very near the glacier and we are surprised by the

cracking of the ice which advance. The Argentines have

lookouts built in front of the glacier. With luck,

we had the great joy of capture on film the fall

of two sides of the glacier.

a huge Souvenir



After our 3 nights in El Calafate, we took a bus to get to Puerto Natales in Chile