Baluchon 2009



As every year, we went to the Baluchon in Mauricie to practice cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

This year, we rested two nights at the Queen Elizabeth and were supported by Luce and Denis,

Montreal friends with whom we sympathized during our stay in Sanibel, Florida.

we recommend the hotel Queen Elizabeth for its location because we arrives directly in the train station with the lift.

In addition to the situation, the rooms are comfortable and again, despite the 1000 rooms, the employees

recognize us from one year to another and if the health permitting, we will return in 2010 and meet again

Mr. Daniel that we will find still a place to the street for the sumptuous breakfast.


friday, january 23, 2009


The Baluchon

tel 819 268 2555 and 1 800 789 5968

We took the train on Friday morning to St. Paulin, where we had the great pleasure to be expected

by our friend Line who drove us straight to our room 404 with fire in the fireplace and a gift

of welcome everyone. Over time, we feel like part of the family. The welcome is warm.


Archipelago Hostel where we live

River Hostel

the wooden sidewalk borrowed every morning and evening

the wooden sidewalk borrowed every morning and evening


saturday, january 24, 2009




Quebec has experienced very low temperatures this year and for our arrival, our friend Nancy,

Director of the Central Booking advised us to do the snowshoe path of the archipelago (9km).

Denis had prepared the next departure of the space station above the Baluchon and we have observed very well

before returning to the restaurant. At dinner we had the pleasure of being served by Nelly who was to retire and

we did not expect to see this year. Today the temperature is -21.5 °.



booking office

walk in snow shoes


sunday,january, 25, 2009


The Baluchon


-30 ° at sunrise and after swallowing a croissant and a muffin, we're off to 5Km

walk along the ice. It is very cold. After we went to brunch, then we

directed toward the center of activities where we met John and Lina.

It was even colder and we thought it best to repeat the walk along the ice.

On our return, we were surprised to see Rachel and Claude, who without warning

have booked a room across from ours until Friday. We went to dinner every 6 to 5:30 p.m.

and stayed at the table until 20H.




fires are lit along the skating rink on weekends

the end of the skating rink with a chalet to rest


monday,january, 26, 2009


The Baluchon


Today at 7:30 am, it was -36.2 °. After breakfast we went skiing with Lina and John.

We did the trail of New France with them, and have redone both. It was -18 °.

We spent a pleasant evening at the restaurant. John and Claude both went to college

Saint Louis in Montreal. At 5:20 p.m., we have all seen the space station.




Lina, Anny, Rachel, John, Claude and Charles



tuesday, january, 27, 2009


The Baluchon


Today at 7:30 -27 °. Lina and John have left us to 12:30. After we made the track of

skiing in the Archipelago.( 8Km4 )


wednesday, january, 28, 2009


The Baluchon


Today at 7:30 -15 °. We met Denis to Luce at 13H in the center of activity.

It snowed all day and we made the walk along the skating rink.


thursday, january 29, 2009


The Baluchon


Today at 7:30 -14 °. In the morning, we accompanied Luce and Denis to the skating rink.

We did track down the island
with snowshoes. Very nice view of New France.



Denis and Luce on skates

landscape of New France


snowy landscape


snowy landscape


friday, january 30, 2009


The Baluchon


Today at 7:30 -11 °. Departure of two Quebec couples after breakfast. We went to say goodbye to Line

and after we did a cross-country skiing on the tracks of the bottom and top of the island.



snow along the Loup river

snow along the Loup river


 the Loup river


observatory along the river



saturday, january 31, 2009


The Baluchon


The reception and restaurant of the Baluchon


Today at 7:30 -13 °. We made cross-country skiing with 4 times the track of the new France.


Beautiful, the snow in the trees


sunday, february 1st, 2009


Hotel Queen Elizabeth


We said goodbye to Jeannine that served brunch in costume in the room of New France.

We took the train with 20 minutes late and we arrived 35 minutes late.


from the left Jeannine, Valérie and Réjean


monday, february 2nd, 2009


Hotel Queen Elizabeth


We met our friends in Montreal, Luce, Lina, John and Denis and spent a day together with an aperitif

at Lina and Jean home and lunch at the restaurant "Les Menus Plaisirs" in Ste Rose de Laval.

We returned to Lina and Jean home for tasting a Sicilian liqueur and taking tea with sweets prepared by Lina.

In returning, Denis showed us the heights of Montreal.



our friends in the apartment of John and Lina


tuesday, february 3, 2009


Hotel Queen Elizabeth.


mercredi 4 février 2009


Hôtel Reine Elizabeth. Luce and Denis came to take us at 10 AM. They took us to the sports shop " La Cordée"

the best place to buy sports apparel. They took us to Schwartz, 3895 Boulevard St. Laurent,

the place to eat the famous smoked meat.


After Luce wanted us to relocate bagels from the store Fairmount Bagel, 74 Fairmount West.

It was delicious.