Baluchon 2010



We live in the small town of Marly le Roi, near Paris, and we prefer to sleep at Roissy each time

we fly in the morning. This year we selected the Hilton, which proposed a internet rate :

a room on the executive floor with breakfast buffet.


This is a good plan because the Executive floor is a lounge with snacks and drinks for guests.

We drank a good champagne and ate delicious sandwiches and have saved the evening meal.

We recommend this hotel at this price online.


Friday, january 29, 2010



Our many trips to Canada with Air Canada allowed us to have a free ticket to get toMontreal.

The crew is attentive but do not expect to have a Air France meal service.

They do not serve you an aperitif from several years.


Saturday, january, 30, 2010


Hotel Reine Elizabeth


At breakfast, we met Mr Daniel, the restaurant manager "LE MONTREALAIS" which got us a table

well located for Sunday brunch.
Our friends Denis and Luce arrived at 10:30 and led us

first to "la Cordée" and then at Kanuk store where we bought a winter coat for Charles.


We lunched at Schwartz before we go to a purchasing center COSTCO, a kind of store that does not exist in France.


You buy a card valid for one year and you can buy the products from this store at a price below market.


You can even buy your car.



Inside a rather austere Costco store


Dimanche 31 janvier 2010


Hotel Reine Elizabeth


We invited our friends from Quebec (Luce, Denis, John and Lina) for a brunch at our hotel. Mr Daniel

booked a round table for 6 people in the back of the room near the buffet. It was the best location.



from Monday, february 1st to Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The Baluchon

Tél 819 268 2555 and 1 800 789 5968.


Our train scheduled at 8:30 am went to 10H. We first told Le Baluchon for the delay.

The train had a brake problem and we stopped first in the wilderness and then in the station of Joliette

where the defective locomotive was detached from the train. Finally we arrived four hours of delay in Saint

We appreciated the sense of service of the conductor, who always kept us informed of problems and

who gave us his mobile phone to inform the inn
Le baluchon on the hour of our arrival.


Good communication absorbs well the problems. The SNCF could be inspired.



our King bed

the fireplace and the TV stand


the office with free wifi Internet


We occupy the room 404 in the hostel of the archipelago,
a room with fireplace and SPA.
We appreciate it because it is safe passages.



As activity, we made cross-country skiing on different paths of the inn with a track always

icy because the days are warm and the nights are cold.



Loup River

Loup River


the view from the balcony


The "nouvelle France"


the ice rink


cottage for the reception of skaters


view of River inn from "Archipel" inn.

the sight of these pictures shows that the snow was not as abundant as in

 previous years. It had rained the week before we arrived.

A bad year!

With the pain caused by a bad fall,

I discovered and appreciated the
hotel health center .


A pleasant and efficient discovery that I recommend.


Our friends from Quebec Lina and John joined us on 3 and 4 February and we shared our meals and activities with them.


the dining room

Jeanine and Emilie


Jean-Philippe and Rolande, Luc's wife


Sir Luc


our friend Line

It is with a great pleasure we find our Baluchon friends.

This is our family !!!!!



from thursday february 11 to tuesday february 16


Hotel Reine Elizabeth MONTREAL


Our room 404 was not busy and we waited in our room until the time of the train in the evening.

The train arrived of delay with 1:30 with the same conductor.


Luce and Denis showed us their restaurant in Verdun on the edge of the river where they take

their breakfast. It's fun and it's good.

We tried the restaurant "Les Voyageurs" inside the hotel and were disappointed by the service but not by the Malpeque oysters.



view from our room 1479

building of 1923


Windsor Building


 Windsor Station


entrance of the cathedral


the cathedral


the cathedral with our hotel in background


Windsor station


inside the station


Canada Place in downtown


First Protestant church St Georges


First Protestant church St Georges


We took advantage of the promotion offered with our Fairmont fidelity card and stayed for 5 nights in

a suite on the 14th floor with views of Mount Royal.

We enjoyed the hospitality of our friends in Quebec who showed us their city and cuisine.

Thank you.