British Columbia and Alberta


We had visited western Canada in 1993, but we came back with the goal to shoot bears.



the sunshine Coast

Vancouver Island

the trip from Vancouver to  Jasper


 the glaciers road

The Sunshine Coast


The day after our arrival in Vancouver, we went towards the Sunshine Coast.




Gibson is famous for the filming site of the television series "beachcombers" which held in suspense

television viewers for nearly 20 years and has been broadcast in over 40 countries.


We stayed at the Driftwood Inn Sechelt and enjoyed the excellent restaurant "Pebbles".






Sechelt means "the place protected of the sea in the Indian language " Salish " which constitute here the most important

 Aboriginal community of British Columbia. The totem is the emblem of the chief of his lineage and his clan.


Smugglers Cove


Smugglers Cove

Smugglers Cove


Smugglers Cove

It is in this bay that Captain Kelly arrived from China

 with workers he sold $ 100 each to construction of railways

 companies in North America.

At the time of prohibition, there is trade in alcohol.




The secret Cove


Madeira Park


This is in Madeira Park that leave the boat trips along the Sunshine Coast


Saltery Bay  


We took a ferry across the fjord of Jervis to arrive at Saltery Bay and we went to Lund, the end of Highway 101




It is near Lund in Comox that we took a ferry to get to Courtenay on Vancouver Island.




Vancouver Island



We stayed four days in Campbell River in the hotel "Austrian Chalet" of the chain "Best Western"

where we made two trips to see grizzlies. The first was relatively cheap but we

have not achieved our goal and we saw only seals and killer whales in large numbers.


killer whales

killer whales







a zodiac excursion should be done to see killer whales

and bears. We scanned the coast without ever seeing

the tail of a grizzly bear or black. However we

was delighted with whales and we have also seen

seals and even the bald eagle , the symbol of the United States


After our defeat, the reception of our hotel recommended a safari to grizzlies. this excursion

was much more expensive, but we saw 8 Grizzly Bears. Happiness!

we traveled on the continent at the mouth of a river on Indian land that was not

"Knight Inlet", the place was known in British Columbia to observe grizzly bears.

and we watched the bears from a bridge over the river.

so we filmed grizzlies on the continent in front of Campbell River


Click on picture to see the video

A mother Grizzly shows her cubs how to catch salmon


Near Campbell River, we visited Strathcona Park between our two safaris.


Strathcona Park

Strathcona Park


After initial success with the grizzlies, we wanted more pictures and we went to Telegraph Cove

to a second safari "Knight Inlet." It was complete and the organizer has not agreed to take two small Frenchies

in addition to the group. This is very serious and we would recommend for a safari to grizzlies in taking you in advance.


Telegraph Cove

Telegraph Cove

Telegraph Cove


Telegraph Cove





Telegraph Cove is named after the arrival point of the

first telephone line on Vancouver Island.

Near the site, are selected the tree trunks to

shipment by sea to Vancouver.


Safari from Port Hardy


At Telegraph Cove, we booked another safari bear from Port Hardy by floatplane.


our floatplane

view from the  floatplane


view from the  floatplane


view from the  floatplane


We spent a full day hidden in a shelter without talking or moving us to see much

salmon and hear the distant howling of wolves. It might be normal not meet Bear

since there were only 3 on the territory. It was a beautiful promenade a bit expensive by floatplane



Port Alice

We enjoyed our visit to Port Hardy to visit Port Alice, a Pacific port.






In 1975, Port Alice suffered rainfall of one year in a day

and the village of 1000 inhabitants has suffered

serious damage.



Cathedral Grove


Cathedral Grove is located in MacMillan Provincial Park. Its name comes from the giant trees that inhabit the forest.

A storm in 1997 caused serious damage. We have not recognized our Cathedral Grove from 1993


Cathedral Grove as we saw in 1993.


Ucluelet-Pacific Rim and Tofino


Ucluelet port

rainforest in Pacific Rim


Wooden paths are arranged to protect the forest


characteristics foams of the rainforest


characteristics foams of the rainforest


dwarf trees and centenarians


American Blue Jay


It is forbidden to penetrate inside this forest




The road ends in Tofino. To visit this area,

you will travel 400 km round trip.

well worth the detour ....



we filmed black bears near Tofino on Vancouver Island


Click on the image to assist to the learning of the shell fishing of bear cubs





The road from Vancouver to Jasper


From Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, we took a ferry to North Vancouver. We took the road

of Whistler where we stayed at the Holiday Inn. From Pemberton, we took the road

the Golden Nugget to Lillooet. We reached Clinton in the evening we stayed at the Caribou Hotel

because you can sometimes see a herd of caribou. The next day we joined Clearwater and stayed

at Clearwater Valley Resort, a facility staffed by members of the First Nation and is well situated for the

visit of Wells Gray Provincial Park. It is an institution that we recommend. After visiting the park under the

rain, We stayed for one day in Clearwater instead of two planned and made our way to Jasper.


from North Vancouver to Whistler


Shannon Fall

Shannon Fall






The Whistler lake


With its 335m, falling on Shannon Parkway

the "sky to the ocean" receives about 500,000 visitors a year

due to its parking area.

Whistler has a ski area of 3000 hectares

and is the largest ski area in North America.

It receives 2 million skiers each year and will host

the Winter Olympics of 2010.


The road to the Golden Nugget


The road to the Golden Nugget

The road to the Golden Nugget


The road to the Golden Nugget


The road to the Golden Nugget


The road to the Golden Nugget


The road to the Golden Nugget


The road to the Golden Nugget

the road to the Golden Nugget is accessible only

beautiful summer days. This road which passes by Gold Bridge

was widely used at the time of the gold rush. At that time

Lillooet was the second city of the West Coast after

 San Francisco. We do not know the direct route from

 Pemberton to Lillooet, but we enjoyed the landscapes

along this road.


Sheridan Lake

Sheridan Lake is on the road from Clinton to Clearwater


Clearwater and the Wells Gray Provincial Park

Dawson Falls

Helmckel falls of 141m high


We visited the park under the rain and saw a black bear on the road.


Around Mount Robson



Mount Robson in the clouds at 3954m


Overlander  fall










We booked our stay at the Lodge Tekkara but one day before, the hotel was full and we found

a room at Pyramid Lake Resort, a hotel in a beautiful setting with an excellent restaurant.

The other day at Tekkara Lodge, we regretted our room especially since we were there the day of marriage.

We did not sleep much and we received a discount on room rate. We had our room in

the main building and it is better to stay in a bungalow. The restaurant was good.


Around Pyramid Mount





Pyramid Lake and Pyramid Mountain is seen from our hotel room the first day of our stay in Jasper


The cable car ride


The cable car

view from cable car station


the mount Robson


view of Jasper from the cable car


cable car station

nous avons eu notre plus belle journée de notre séjour

pour notre excursion en téléphérique.

A faire sous le soleil


road to Maligne and Medicine Lakes


Maligne Canyon

Medecine Lake


Maligne Lake at the start of the tour boats


the end of the lake


Anny and Charles at Spirit Island, the most photographed

 place of Maligne Lake

Before arriving at Maligne Lake, we visited the

Maligne Canyon and Medicine Lake.


Wildlife observed



 male Moose


 female Moose


 female Moose


 female Wapiti


 female Wapiti


 female Wapiti

It was raining and we saw many wild animals.

.Is this the reason?


The view of the Athabasca River from our hotel Tekkara Lodge




  The glaciers road



The first day we made the trip from Jasper to Lake Louise under the rain. In 1993, we had done

Lake Louise - Jasper under the sun and had found that road as one of the prettiest of our world.

 in 1993, it was early September and late September this year.

 As usual, in 1993 we had not booked our sleeping and have had great difficulty finding a hotel.

This year we reserved for Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff and tourist information offices were

offering rooms everywhere.

Moral: it is better to choose the end of September if you want to take time to visit.


The road from Jasper to Lake Louise



Athabasca fall

The chasm of Athabasca falls


Athabasca river


a small fall on Sunwapta River


Athabasca Glacier in the Columbia Icefield


the Saskatchewan Glacier view from the crest Parker


Ptarmigan on the crest Parker


the bridge over the valley Mitsaya meaning "grizzly" in Indian


Mitsaya Lake


Peyto Lake


The route offers magnificent views of the mountains still covered with snow.

But the day of our trip, we do not perceive the mountains and we did not even have

to film the Athabasca Glacier, the most visited place of the road.


Around Lake Louise


Spiral Tunnel in Yoho National Park

Takakkaw fall in Yoho National Park

Natural Bridge in Yoho national Park


the Emeraude Lake in Yoho national Park


The lake Louise under the clouds


the Lake Louise under the sunshine


Moraine Lake

We stayed at the Lake Louise Inn several nights

to visit the area and the Yoho National Park that we did

not done in 1993. The hotel is ready to Route 1. It is better

book a room that is not on the road.


From Lake Louise to Banff by the Bow Valley


the Bow Valley

cattle Mountain dans la vallée de la Bow

The Cattle Mountain


cheminées de fées

the hoodoos


 Bow river falls in Banff Springs Hotel


l'hôtel Banff Springs

Banff Springs Hotel


la ville de Banff

the town of Banff


la ville de Banff

the town of Banff

we booked a non smoking room by Internet at the hotel

Banff Ptarmigan. When we arrived, we had a room

without view and post-claim, we ended

in a smoking room with a higher price than posted

to the Office of Tourism Banff. In late September, it is better

trying to visit this region without reservation.