Mauricie in winter


Travel Diary

Destination : Canada QUEBEC WINTER 2007

Departure Date: February 15, 2007

Places to discover

Sacacomie Hotel

Auberge Le Baluchon

friday, february, 16 2007


We traveled for the first time with a Boeing 747 of Air France to get to  Montreal

In Montreal, we stayed at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel where our   Fairmont fidelity card

allowed us to get a room with breakfast for a good price. The Fairmont card

provides you free access to High Speed Internet and telephone in the city of Montreal.

In winter, this hotel is a great location because you have access to the underground city and the

 central station.


 saturday, february 17, 2007

We took the 10:30 bus to the Montreal's central bus station in the direction of Louiseville where we are

arrived at 12:30. A taxi then drove us to St. Alexis des Monts where you find Sacacomie hotel.Here we

Stayed 8 days. We inquired about the activities and have taken possession of our room.

The room is superb, we have a beautiful view of Lake Sacacomie and we are not disappointed.


Sacacomie hotel reception

the restaurant of the hotel


our room


Sacacomie Lake view from our room


sunday, february 18, 2007


Big surprise, there is no Sunday brunch.

We went to the center of activities in which you take possession of free skis and snowshoes.

The great success of the center of activity is the leasing of snowmobiles that have their own circuit in the forest to

the Mastigouche wildlife reserve. Hikers and skiers are not disturbed by noise.

Today we did a snowshoe of 3:30 following the trail of the lynx, followed by tour of the lake of Atocats

 and belvedere Pathway. It was hard for a first outing.





lynx trail

arrival on the Lake Canitchez


Atocats lake

The Atocats lake was the scene of  ice fishing.

This activity has been removed this year because of

poachers who looted Lake Wildlife. Too bad!



monday, february 19, 2007


After breakfast, we took the path down to the beach. We saw the followers of sleds

in dogs that were frozen to a temperature of -22 ° (-32 ° with the wind).

By early afternoon, we made a  20 minutes circuit in ski plane and flew over lakes

Sacacomie and Eau Claire. After we had a dog sled ride of two hours. we do

not know that the walk was done on Lake Sacacomie, because in this case the activity is of no interest

because the landscape does not change. The promenade in the forest is on a half day or day

with the sleigh led by you.


our ski plane

an airplane view with the Lakes in white


the promenade by dog sledding






tuesday, february 20, 2007


Today skiing: we took the trail Canitchez to get to the trail  Lambert.

This trail is cataloged difficult for the final descent to the lake Lambert.

The portion of the trail Lambert used to come back to the hotel is then easier.

We regret that the cross-country ski trails are not drawn daily and

 are used by everyone.




ski trail on the trail Lambert

the Lake Lambert



wednesday, february 21, 2007


Sunny weather. We took the opportunity to take photos and video. We walked along the trail

the belvedere to Lake of Atocats with his tipi that is a refuge for fishermen at ice fishing.

We returned by the path of the creek that reaches to the lake Sacacomie.

In the evening we had dinner with Rachel and Claude, a couple of warm Quebecois.



the trail of Belvedere

view of the Lake Sacacomie from the Belvedere


the belvedere with the plane that flies over


Sacacomie hotel from the creek trail


thursday, february 22, 2007


Today cloudy with a few snowflakes. We have a day of skiing along

Canitchez trail to the lake of the same name. We went around the lake to discover the 3 tepees

indicated on the map. We have not seen and came back by way of the sugar maple.



the cabin Canitchez

Canitchez Lake

friday, february 23, 2007



Today we have a cloudy day with the wind and a chill temperature of -25 °.

After we took a long walk through the Deer Trail, the Rexfor trail and

Canitchez trail. We went down to the lake Canitchez where 3 teepees are still missing. After investigation,

we were told that the 3 tepees were dismantled in winter. During our long walk, we met

the dog teams.


the stable from where leave horse excursions

the Rexfor trail


Rexfor trail


the day trip of sled dogs


the Canitchez Lake

We identified with the card to make this

tour because you will not find a sign

for informing you that you are on the right path.


samedi 24 février 2007



Walk over 3 hours via Canitchez Lake, the trail of the lynx, the trail Fred to Lake of

same name and then backtracking to find the lake of Atocats and the trail of Creek.

Arriving at the kennel of sled dogs, we found the longhouse.


the Fred Lake

the Fred Lake


a yurt


the longhouse


the longhouse


the trail of creek


Arriving at Lake Fred, we never found the trail Fred, we turned around and continued to

 the Atocats trail to find the Creek Trail. The yurt is not local color but

is used to heat the participants of dog sleds. The longhouse was the home

of the first inhabitants of Canada.



sunday, february 25, 2007


You must discover the hotel Sacacomie for log structure, the situation in the heart of the forest,

the view of the lake Sacacomie with shore more than 40 km. It is a pity that this hotel is also great, and

the common areas have not followed the successive enlargements. The bar is too close to the restaurant and

the noise is really a nuisance. It is a shame to have neglected the decoration of this beautiful restaurant

choosing such uncomfortable chairs and tasteless. In conclusion, this is especially

designed for snowmobilers, but not to people like us who practice skiing and snowshoeing because

tracks that are not maintained, not signposted circuits, an ice rink ridiculous and outdated equipment.

In addition, the hotel was visited by 70% of Europeans that did not offer a great escape.

This is a hotel frequented by the show business and you have pictures of Johnny Hallyday, Eddy Mitchell

and Francoise Hardy. During our stay, the artist Raphael was present.



It is with great pleasure that we find in fine weather the Baluchon, which was our favorite

in 2005. We chose to stay at the lodge of the archipelago located 1.5 km from the restaurant for 8 days .

We had room 404 with a double bed, a fireplace and a whirlpool. We had the sun

the morning and the next time we will ask the chamber 402 which is more sunny.

Sunday is the shot because many Quebecois come here to spend the day for the sumptuous

brunch whose reputation is entirely justified. We found that the micro brewery was replaced

by Eco Café under development. We were delighted to find that line became director of

Maintenance service. At dinner, Mr. Luc has recognized us and immediately called by

our names. He explained that there was now a 3 courses and 5 courses. We chose the

evening for the first 3 services but went the next day at 5 services for the wide selection offered by this formula.


monday, february 26, 2007


Going to have breakfast, We have made the road with Lina and John.

We had breakfast with these charming Quebecois and went out the last of the restaurant.

We were pleased to be able to connect to the Internet and thanks to the perspicacity of Stéphane Milette

the computer specialist from the hostel. Again, congratulations because we have been deprived during our stay in Sacacomie.

We took the sun on the balcony of the pavilion and we have not had the courage to undertake an activity.


tuesday, february 27, 2007



Time even hotter than yesterday, and we started walking the sidewalk  along

of the ice rink. It is not open to the entire length because of a too mild winter. The rink 5km

is put into operation every winter on an arm of the Loup River and is illuminated every Saturday night.

We walked to the Laurentian cottage which corresponds to the end of the rink and took some pictures

and videos. In return, we visited the fall "aux trembles" next to our pavilion.


the entrance to the Laurentian cottage

inside the cottage


the fall "aux trembles"


landscape from the fall


wednesday, february 28, 2007


in red, our path on skis


Another beautiful sunny day, a little cold that night with -17 ° and -3 ° this morning. The morning we have made

cross-country skiing via the path of the Maple and that of New France, then the path of the High Island.

We appreciated the quality of equipment. Shoes and skis were changed

from our last visit.


thursday, march 1st 2007


Always the sun with a cooler temperature. Today we did a cross country skiing on

the paths of the top and bottom of the island.



in red, our path on skis


friday, march 2, 2007


Today snowstorm blocked horizon, we stayed by the fireplace.


saturday, march 3 2007



in red, our path on skis


Today the weather is cloudy with a few falls of snow.

We did the trail of "Nouvelle France" with snowshoes by opening

sometimes the trail in fresh snow.


the snowshoe trail virgin any passage

landscape of "Nouvelle France"


the church of the "Nouvelle France"


the fall "aux trembles"  a view to the other side



This year, we discovered that teepee and these two totems.


sunday, march 4 2007



in red, our path on skis


At 10 o'clock, we went to brunch and then we did the trail of the archipelago country skiing.

On the way we were walking with boots under the skis with good snow shower

but to return the weather was colder and we had fun to ski.



our country skiing trail

luge in Quebec



We are still delighted with our stay in this hostel. The restaurant's cuisine is one of the best of Quebec

by product quality and cooks. The service is attentive, impeccable, friendly and competent.

Thank you to Mr. Luke who we immediately recognized and called by our first name:

The Hello Mr. Charles and Mrs. Anny made us much pleasure. Thank you to Mrs. Nelly and Gentlemen

Stéphane and Louis who took care of us for dinner and Mrs. Jeannine has often served us breakfast.

Thank you to Mr. Clement, who taught us to use the fireplace in our room and thank you to our friend

Line that we have had great pleasure to review. For all these reasons we recommend again this year

l'Auberge du Baluchon.


monday, march 5, 2007


We took the bus from Louiseville (starting 1:42 p.m.) to Montreal. On the A40, we

have had a snow shower and enjoyed the dexterity of the bus driver that doubled every car calmly.


tuesday, march 6, 2007


Shopping in Montreal by a temperature of -40 °


Montreal's underground city

Montreal's underground city



wednesday, march 7, 2007


Shopping in Montreal, then departure to 20H of Montreal to Paris with a
arrival in Paris at 8:50 Thursday, March 8.