The Coastal Express

Vaeroy island

The archipelago of Rost

the Lofoten islands

Vesteralen islands


Our friend Josette persuaded us to accompany her above the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Islands.

We thank her because we had the chance to see Norway for 3 weeks in the sun.

It was an unforgettable trip!!



We arranged to meet her in Bergen to board the coastal express which led us to Bodo




We started the evening on the boat Vesteralen from Bergen and have stopped in Ålesund the next morning.

We stopped in Molde, where we took a trip by bus to Kristiansund

where we found our boat. The next morning we stopped in Trondheim

to see the cathedral where the kings of Norway are crowned. We left Trondheim and

have passed the Arctic Circle during the night. We stopped in Ornes to see the

Svartisen glacier and took a bus to get to Bodo along the salty fjord.

In February 2006, we will take the Coastal Express from Bergen to Kirkenes with

 the hope of witnessing the Northern Lights.





















Deuxième ville de Norvège, Bergen en fut la capitale jusqu'à

la fin du 13ème siècle. Avant de prendre le bateau, nous avons

pris un téléphérique pour découvrir Bergen du haut des collines

qui surplombent la ville puis nous avons visité Bryggen, le quai

 des allemands, le cœur de la cité médiévale avec ses ruelles

 étroites et sa petite place. Puis nous avons pris un bus pour

nous rendre à Fantoft afin d'admirer l'église en bois debout.

En juin 1992, l'église fut détruite par un incendie et aujourd'hui

elle a été reconstruite avec le bois sauvé des flammes et des bois

vieux de 400 ans.






The Coastal Express


Stop at Ålesund

Boat Vesteralen




We boarded the boat Vesteralen

and after a night on board, we landed in Ålesund

for a city tour.


Bus trip from Molde to Kristiansund








We left the boat in Molde, the city of roses, to borrow a coach that moved along the coast to the

small fishing village of Bud. We had lunch in Hustadvika and went to Kristiansund

the evening after taking the road of 11 bridges.


Stop at Trondheim with city tour


city of Trondheim

cathedral of Trondheim


It's in Trondheim that will be held Viking expeditions to Newfoundland (Vinland)


Visit of the glacier Svartisen and return by bus to Bodo.


Salmons farm



Svartisen glacier

The Svartisen is the second largest glacier in Norway.




Lofoten and Vesteralen islands





The island of Vaeroy and the archipelago of Rost (365 islands) belong to the Lofoten Islands. From Bodo, we took a ferry to

Vaeroy Island where we expected the lovely person who hosted us for two nights in the old rectory.

From Vaeroy, we took a boat back to Rostlandet, the largest island of the archipelago of Rost. We have insisted

with the hotel manager for hotel rooms reserved from France: the only bad mark on our trip.

From Rostlandet, we left by boat for Moskenes where we rented a car and have traveled the road E10

through the archipelagos of Lofoten and Vesterålen.






Vaeroy Island


We slept in the rectory of the church of Mastad


our housing

photo souvenir before the front door


road from Mastad to Sorland



road from Mastad to Sorland


road from Mastad to Sorland


arrival at Sörland










In the south west of the island, there is the bird cliff

with puffins, cormorants, gulls, eider and guillemots.





The Archipelago of Rost


The archipelago of Rost is home to quarter of seabirds all over Norway. This area is very rich in fish and

Rostlandet fishermen have a better living in Norway.



the ferry which made the connection Vaeroy - Rost

the port of Rostlandet







the midnight sun







the black cormorants





the puffins


sea eagles


Skomvaer lighthouse



Skomvaer lighthouse





The main islands of Lofoten


From Rostlandet we took a ferry to the island of Moskenes. From the ferry, we booked a Rorbu in the

charming owner of the doll museum of Sarkisoy. As we had no car, she offered us a bread for

our dinner and breakfast. The next day we got to our car and have traveled for fifteen

days to the E10 serving the Lofoten and Vesterålen.


our arrivat at Moskenes


the Rorbus of the doll museum


our Rorbu


Meals taken in the sun and facing the sea


the doll museum

the small village of Reine beside of Sarkisoy


the village of Reine


the village of Reine

The King of Norway in jacket celebrating its 60 years in Reine

He had invited all the crowned heads of Europe


the queen of Spain


the sight of Hamnoy to 1 AM


the museum village of Ä


village of Ä


The museum's blacksmith


the lake of Ä



Nusfjord is a World Heritage of UNESCO


The E10 which crosses the Lofoten and Vesterålen


Flakstad church to the glory of fishermen


Stamsund is a stop on the Coastal Express


the Rorbus of Stamsund


Henningsvaer is the Venice of Lofoten


at Henningsvaer the white house of the boss overlooking
yellow house of the foreman and the red houses of the workers



at Nesland, it feels like the end of the world


This rocky peak is called the Goat to Svolvaer. Some
adventurous mountaineers jump from one peak to another


The town of Svolvaer is the capital of the cod fishery.


Cod drying at Svolvaer



the Svolvaer Rica hotel


Svinoya restaurant where we celebrated the Josette anniversary


The exit of Svolvaer in the direction of Troll Fjord


Troll Fjord





Vesterålen Islands



Landscape of Vesterålen comparable to the Lofoten Islands



The view of the chapel advised by our Norwegian friend
Lill met in Rostlandet


the chapel of Langenes

The region of Bo has also been advised by
our friend Lill


region of Bo



view from our Rorbus in Bo


Restaurant in Bo


 Bo church


 Bo church


Bleik port next to Andenes


Bleik port next to Andenes


The port of Andenes from where leave whale safari


Despite the weather, we were shaken and we
have had very cold


We had the pleasure of seeing several male sperm whales

We left the Lofoten - Vesterålen by air.

we stopped in Oslo to visit some museums.

The museum devoted to Munch does not leave us



This trip to Norway We were so happy that we undertake a journey in February 2006.

Paris - Oslo by plane, then the train from Oslo to Bergen and the Coastal Express

 from Bergen to Kirkenes (round trip) We would like to see a Northern Lights ......