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Wave Rock

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For our 45 years of marriage that took place Saturday, November 12, 2005, we took a flight to Perth, Australia.

We flew on 8 November and arrived in Perth

November 9 in the late afternoon, the best time to travel to Australia.


Travel Diary


thursday, november10, 2005

We went to the tourist office for information on Perth and the surrounding area.

We were warmly received by Tamara Lyons who provided complete documentation of regions we will visit.

We made a visit to Perth starting with Swan Bells Tower built in 2001 and its panoramic terrace.

The site contains 18 bells which 12 are from the church of St Martin in the fields at Trafalguar Square in London.

The bells ring on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday between 12 and 13 hours.

We had the opportunity to speak French with Evan, a young Australian greek origin. He took us pictures

from the panoramic terrace of the 6th floor.


Swan Bells Tower

After we visited St Georges Anglican Cathedral .The priest gave us a document in French.

The cathedral was inaugurated November 15, 1888 by the Bishop Parry.

Victorian Gothic Renaissance, it was designed by architect Sydney Edmund Blackett

who died in 1883 before its completion.


St Georges cathedral

inside the cathedral


Then we went in front of the Museum of Firemen before coming to Victoria Square.



firemen museum

in 1899, you pressed the button to call the fire department




We finished the tour of the city by the Perth Mint. A French document was handed to us

and we have seen the pouring of a gold bar of 6 kg but we can not take photos or videos


  Perth Mint


 friday, november 11, 2005


We took pictures in the garden of the Supreme Court, where college students played cricket.

We went in the district of Northbridge by the Horse-Shoe Bridge.

You should pass by the station and take the crosswalk.

Northbridge is the fashionable district of Perth with its museums, theaters and many restaurants.

We took the footpath along the Swan River to return to our hotel.


the garden of the Supreme Court


 saturday, november 12, 2005

We went to King's Park by free bus 39. The view from the DNA tower was not worth the trip.

We walked in King's Park and have filmed mostly flowers and some birds.

We took the free bus 37 to return back to our hotel.

In the evening we had a meal of fish at the Gershwin restaurant to celebrate our sapphire wedding.


view of Perth from King's Park



Proteas as you can see in the Cape Province of South Africa


The Kangaroo Paw flower is the emblem of Western Australia



 sunday, november 13, 2005

We received the car from Hertz Toyota Camry at 39 Milligan Street.

We visited New Norcia with its Spanish colonial architecture.

This mission was founded in 1846 by Spanish Benedictine monks.


New Norcia church


The College of girls St. Gertrude 

The College of girls St. Gertrude  



College of boys Saint Ildephonsus


College of boys Saint Ildephonsus


After taking possession of our room in Cervantes, we visited the Pinnacles.



The Pinnacles Desert is a vast expanse of sandy limestone bristling with needles whose highest reaches 4 meters.



 monday, november 14, 2005

We took the road to Kalbarri by visiting the seaside of Geraldton.

A Northtampton, we branched off to Kalbarri and 60km from the finish,

we saw a lake with pink water and sometimes white, to be elucidated ...


the pink lake

Once in Kalbarri, we did the sunset cruise on the Murchison River.

NO INTEREST apart from having met David and his lovely wife,

Two English immigrants who live now in Australia.


sunset on the Murchison River


tuesday, november 15, 2005


Before leaving Kalbarri to Monkey Mia, we went through the tourist office.

The lake holds its pink color of the mineral salts in water.

We crossed the Kalbarri National Park to film especially the flowers of the bush.






the smoke of the bush





We stopped at the Shell Beach and Denham, the main town in the Shark Bay


Shell Beach is a 60km beach with a shell thickness of 10 meters 




 wednesday, november 16, 2005

The morning after seeing the dolphins always loyal to the appointment,

walk on the beach where we saw wild oysters, crabs and some birds.


And if we stopped feeding them every morning, do they come to meet you?



wild oysters and crab


Around noon, we went for a swim in a sea at 22 °, it was hard because

the air temperature exceeded 30 °.

In the evening we did the walk around Monkey Mia with some shots of seabirds.


the Australian pelican


thursday, november 17, 2005


At 9 o'clock, we embarked with a couple Quebecois Parisian- to Francois Peron National Park,

naturalist born in Cérilly (Allier) in 1775 and died of tuberculosis in the same city in 1810.

Our visit began with the farm who was a sheep farm until 1990.




the farm which marks the beginning of the national park


We walked along the cliffs to arrive at Cape Peron.


Cape Peron Peninsula




 friday, november 18, 2005


This morning, as it had not too much wind, we went on a cruise

to see dugongs, which are in fact manatees seawater

we were overwhelmed, unfortunately, the filmmakers were not up to par.



By late afternoon we went to see the birds at low tide.



 saturday, november 19, 2005


As every day we enjoy the cool morning for our daily walk of two hours.

During our walk, we saw a sea snake that might encounter while bathing.




when we returned, the dolphins were still along the beach,



 sunday, november 20, 2005


This morning, depart for our morning walk around 6:50. We saw

beautiful landscapes that are representative of Australia that we love.

 Cliffs in red earth fall into the sea where nest kangaroos.

Unfortunately we have only seen foot signs. We were too late

to see them. Luckily, we saw a lizard Guana.


pearl farm

This the color of Australia





 monday, november 21, 2005

To benefit from our last day at Monkey Mia, we left at 6 am for our

last step. We covered a distance even more

the other day to discover this Australian landscape.



On returning, we reviewed our dolphins for the last time. In reality, they can be seen from 6:30 to 13H



Although located about 1000 km from Perth, Monkey Mia is a resort for the people of Perth.

It was the first time we stayed seven days in the same place and on our last day

we enjoyed the view we had from our bungalow.

We can say that it is a paradise on earth.




 tuesday, november 22, 2005

Departure from Monkey Mia to Carnarvon at 7:30. First stop at Eagle Bluff: superb!



Eagle Bluff


Second stop to see stromatolites : interesting.

Hamelin Pool stromatolites are living rocks. The water is so salty you can not find snails

and sea algae. These stones are releasing air bubbles outward.



This wall was built with bricks of shells


We ended the evening at the restaurant "harborside cafe" on the port of Carnarvon,

recommended by the tourist office.


 wednesday, november 23, 2005


We stayed at Carnarvon and have made the office of tourists program  (Gael) but
in a different order: first visit to the 1 mile jetty,



then direction of the "blowholes" 70 km from Carnarvon



and we arrived at 11 o'clock in the fruit plantation.

In the afternoon, we took the trail from the town center and leading

to the 1 mile jetty. We walked the pier and went back downtown.




 thursday, november 24, 2005

From Carnarvon, we took the direct route to Geraldton and stayed

at the Best Western hotel. we took pictures of the lighthouse


the lighthouse was imported from England


, the cathedral

byzantine style cathedral


and HMAS Sydney Memorial monument.



This Memorial was erected to honor the 645 Australian sailors disappeared without trace in 1941

during a battle between Australian boat Sydney and the German ship Kormoran which has also disappeared.

The structure of the memorial contains 645 gulls.


 friday, november 25, 2005


From Geraldton, we followed Highway 1 to Regans Ford and crossed the Moore River National Park

to visit Lancelin and Ledge Point.




By leaving Geraldton, we stopped to admire these beautiful  flowers

Lancelin's fishing port

Lancelin beach



This flower grows on the beach of Lancelin


Ledge Point

We were at Seabird, without interest. We then went to Two Rocks. More interesting.




saturday, november 26, 2005

we spent the day at Yanchep National Park.


Koalas feed on the leaves of some eucalyptus
Their species is endangered due to deforestation.

koalas eat for 2 hours and sleep the remaining time


demonstration of aboriginal customs in the Yanchep National Park

an orchid found in the Yanchep Park


On returning, we went through Two Rocks and took some pictures


Two Rocks

Two Rocks


the Neptune statue at Two Rocks


La fleur du banksia



sunday, november 27, 2005

from Yanchep National Park we started in the direction of the northern beaches of Perth.


Perth northern beaches


We have not recognized Scarborough that we had visited in 1994.







Then we went to Fremantle where we stay at the hotel the esplanade in a room with internet.

We made a great meal at Sails restaurant recommended by the hotel concierge.


Esplanade hotel


The Harbour, Pleasant to taste the seafood



from 1897, the market is open every weekend



atmosphere of a Sunday afternoon in Fremantle




monday, november 28, 2005

We visited Bunbury and Busselton where we reside at the Abbey Beach Resort Hotel.

 We liked the restaurant.


main street of Bunbury

decorated for Christmas


Rose Hotel at Bunbury


view of the street from Rose Hotel


The first giant eucalyptus forest at 10km from Busselton

We took the scenic route to

cross this forest of giant eucalyptus.



the entrance of the Busselton Jetty


the Busselton Jetty


Geographe Bay has over 30 km of beach


Abbey Beach Resort Hotel




 tuesday, november 29, 2005

After visiting Abbey Beach Resort Hotel, we traveled to Eagle Bay.


Eagle Bay is located at the end of Geographe Bay

It is accessed from Dunsborough


At Naturaliste Cape, we did a walk on the trail

to see the different views and we went to Bunker Bay

for the lockouts of the Cape.


Naturaliste Cape

Naturaliste Cape


Cap Naturaliste


Cap Naturaliste


Naturaliste Cape


Naturaliste Cape


Naturaliste Cape


Naturaliste Cape


The Margaret River area is renowned for its vineyards and also for its surfing beaches.

There are about forty wineries wine tasting and we stopped in one of them

(winnery of Brookland Valley) for lunch and met French chef Francois Montval from Brest.

François practiced his profession for twenty years in Australia. We recommend François fine dining

 with the French bread.




We approached tourist information at Margaret River and booked our accommodation at Isaac's Ridge

 where we used the Spa and BBQ. Wonderful place in nature.






 wednesday, november 30, 2005


From our cottage Isaac's Ridge, we went to Prevelly Park, a surf beach.





Then we followed the Cave Road where we went through a forest of

large trees, the Boranup Karri forest, and visited Hamelin Bay and its beach.



the Boranup Karri Forest


Hamelin bay

We went to the lighthouse of Augusta and visited the old wheel.





the old wheel near Augusta




Augusta light house


Augusta light house







We traveled to Pemberton where we sleep for 2 nights at Treenbrook Cottages.

The climate is cool and the manager is coming to light a fire.

a new evening BBQ with  T-Bone steak.

Excellent hospitality : a good address





 thursday, december 1st, 2005



In the morning we went to Gloucester National Park where we saw the Gloucester Tree,

61 m high with a fire lookout platform at the top and did the walks

 where we discovered these pretty flowers


Gloucester National Park at Pemberton

Gloucester National Park at Pemberton


Gloucester National Park at Pemberton



At 10:45, we took the tour by tram from 1:45. This tram was once used to transport logs

Karri Eucalyptus to mills. Today it is used to transport tourists through a forest.



The tram ride leads to this cascade


For the record, ties of the London Underground are from this forest.

In the afternoon we went to visit the Warren National Park. We followed a narrow path

not paved through the forest and finished with a visit to the bicentennial tree.


Warren National Park

Warren National Park



friday, december 2, 2005

From Pemberton, we went to Sandy Island in the D'Entrecasteaux National Park.


Sandy Island beach

Sandy Island


Chudalup Mount in the National Park d'Entrecasteaux

We traveled about 60 km in one direction, then in the other

to discover Sandy Island.

Worth a visit to the discovery of the National Park

 d'Entrecasteaux and the wild sea.

We have not climbed the 187 m Mount Chudalup where

views of the National Park is said to be beautiful.


Then we stopped at the tourist center of Walpole where we received

advice for visiting the region and we booked our sleeping facilities on

Albany: a Bed and Breakfast 5 * The Beach House at Bayside.

Based on the advice, we made the loop of Knoll in Walpole,



landscape of Knoll  at Walpole

landscape of Knoll  at Walpole


then we visited the Valley of the Giants with walk above the trees.


                                a walk on a metal bridge makes

us discover the canopy. It is a place not to miss


an impressive trunk!!



Then we took the road to Denmark and visited William Bay with Elephant Rocks and Greens Pools.


Elephant Rocks

Elephant Rocks







 saturday, december 3, 2005

Breakfast at Beach House at Bayside Albany was excellent. The hotel is really quiet

and her boss Helen, a charming woman who spends lavishly on customer satisfaction.

For tea, Helen makes you cupcakes and when you come to dinner, you are eligible for

a small glass of port and an excellent chocolate. The room we occupied was very large with

a king size bed. This is our favorite



We took Marine Drive in the rain.

We visited the Natural Bridge and the Gap under the wind but in the sun.


Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge


The Gap


The Gap


We have been then at Blowhole without seeing anything, probably because of the tide, then we discovered Salmon Beach.


the Blowhole

Salmon Beach


We visited Whale World and we immediately saw that the visit did not concern us, no more than the Wind Farm.





sunday, december 4, 2005

We left Albany around 9H and followed Marine Drive, stopping at each lockout.



landscape along Albany Marine Drive


landscape along Albany Marine Drive


Then we took the road to Esperance, stopping every 2 hours.

 We are at Esperance Seaside Appartment for 2 nights. The manager speaks French.

Once installed, we went on the pier where we saw sea lions wait for the fish remains

discarded by fishermen.



it is not recommended to swim with sea lions


monday, december 5, 2005


This morning we made the scenic route with many stops on the rough sea by a strong wind.














the promenade of the Great Ocean Drive gives us

sea views with all different shades of blue.


We visited the Wind Farm and the so-called Pink Lake, which had nothing to pink:


the wind turbine is a tourist attraction

The Pink Lake ????

you must come see at the end of summer after a rainstorm


In the afternoon we went to the National Park Cape "Le Grand", a jewel especially Lucky Bay.













the manager who has visited France three times and who speaks a bit French was kind enough to hoist

the French flag during our stay.



Haut de Page


mardi 6 décembre 2005

We said goodbye to our lovely managers who plans to rent a villa and

spend 6 months in the Dordogne to perfect the French. we took 4 hours to get to Kalgoorlie.

We are at the hotel All Seasons. We made the street Hannan, the center of Kalgoorlie.


view from our room

Hannan street


Hannan street


Hannan street


Hannan street


the historic York hotel in Hannan street


York hotel

Kalgoorlie, associated with the nearby city of Boulder,

operates the largest open pit gold mine in the world and

 continues to make prosperous the city since 1893, when the

 Irish Paddy Hannan found gold in this desert region.



wednesday, december 7, 2005


In the morning we went to the lockout of Super Pitt Boulder, then we parked

our car on the street and have filmed Burt Street which is the main artery of Boulder.





In the afternoon we went to the Mining Hall of Fame and went down

in a mine and have witnessed the pouring of a gold bar.



a miner filmmaker


visits are made by former miners


the bottom of the mine


the pouring of a gold bar


Paddy Hannan statue


At 17 hours, we returned to Super Pitt for the Blasting that was canceled.

Too bad!!





thursday, dember 8, 2005

Long drive from Kalgoorlie to Wave Rock via Merredin-Kondinin.

We are staying to the Hyden hotel, as 11 years ago. The site of Wave

rock is organized to accommodate the tourist, circuit has been created around the site,

new parking lots have been created and the site became paid.

our motel offered no restaurant, but a BBQ where each customer is preparing its meals, it is no longer a problem for us!

 The hotel is not comfortable and is best to try the newly constructed Resort.


Wave Rock

small Wave Rock


the mouth of hippopotamus

We revisited the site of Wave Rock and followed the path

which leads to Hippo's Yawn (the mouth of the hippopotamus).

On the road we saw a small Wave Rock, a lot

less visited because you must make the effort to walk under a

high temperatures at this time of year.


friday, december 9, 2005


We left Hyden and took Highway 40 up to Brookton, then 120

to York. We loved this little town where we would have liked to stay.



York City Hall

the old cars museum


the best known hotel in York


the bakery prepares excellent sandwiches


At York, we also visited a modern furniture factory that exports worldwide.

We returned to Perth in the early afternoon.





saturday, december 10, 2005

We are at the 7th floor of the Hyatt Regency and we have a beautiful view of the Swan River


Swan River



We walked along the Swan River to go to the city center to bring

memories of "Made in Australia", a complicated task because, as worldwide

everything is made in China.



bike paths are arranged along the Swan River

and after exercise, this is comfort in the many pubs

located near the ferry terminal.


Perth was beautifully decorated for Christmas, and for the occasion, the City of Perth organized a parade in the late evening.

We asked the people sitting on sidewalks in the early afternoon and they said

they wanted to occupy the best places to not miss the show.






sunday, december 11, 2005


In the morning we visited the casino where we only lost one dollar then we

caught our bus 39 to the city center where we spent a friendly afternoon

in a great party atmosphere of Christmas.











We had already spent Christmas in Florida

but we had never seen a Santa in Bermuda shorts!!