Looking for black bear in Quebec



In Calgary, we stayed at the Delta Hotel inside the airport. It's easy, you leave your luggage

then you will return back your car. We have an excellent memory of the restaurant for meat quality.

The next morning we flew to Montreal always with the objective of discovering the black bear.

Upon arrival in Montreal, we rented our car with Budget and took the road to Sainte Agathe des Monts.




At Sainte Agathe des Monts, we spent 4 nights

at the Hotel du Lac des sables.

Disadvantage: It is located along the street.


Since Saint Agatha, we visited the Laurentians


Saint Jovite

Saint Jovite


The alpine village of Mont Tremblant


The alpine village of Mont Tremblant


One evening we had dinner at the sugarhouse Millette, a tourist trap where we were alone among groups

of Japanese tourists.




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Go there instead at the time of the syrup harvest at the end of February and you'll be among the Quebecois.

Since the resort of Mont Tremblant, we started walking to the summit of Mount.










The view of the Parc du Mont Tremblant worth the effort

of this long march. The mountain rescue was

present at the summit to treat a girl injured.


We thought in wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife could be found. Well no, especially at the time of the moose.

 You meet some great trucks loaded with logs that do not expect crossing of wacky French tourists.

 These trucks occupy the entire track. We were afraid for our lives.



wildlife sanctuary of Papineau Label


wildlife sanctuary of Papineau Label


wildlife sanctuary of Rouge Matawin


Contrary to our program, we have not stayed

in these wildlife reserves and have removed all other

visits in the reserves. Our objective was to observe yet

black bears.


We returned in the Parc du Mont Tremblant, always looking for our bears.


one whitetail crossed into the park under the rain

a waterfall into the park


Fall landscape


the migration of snow geese


Canada geese


Fall landscape


Fall landscape


Fall landscape


Fall landscape

This park is very popular with Montrealers, especially the

weekend. Inside you can camp or rent

homes from the park administration.

This park is a provincial park.




Mauricie National  Park


The Mauricie National Park is a national park and our annual ticket was valid for the visit.


Fall landscape

a heron


Fall landscape


Fall landscape


a gray heron


a beaver in the dark


We left the park late at night and found a room in the inn Baluchon in Saint Paulin.

we loved the place and we are returning regularly in winter.


The Jacques Cartier Park


To visit the Provincial Park Jacques Cartier, near Quebec City, we stayed

the Manoir du Lac Delage, a great place. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to stay

one week in winter because the place is popular for seminars.


the manoir du lac Delage







The Jacques Cartier River is twinned with the

Dordogne River in France.



Before we went on the coast of Charlevoix, we went to Montmorency Falls.




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The coast of Charlevoix


Tourmente Cape

the red leaves in Charlevoix


 Saint Laurent River valley


the manor Richelieu


The Cape Tourmente is an observation site for migrating snow geese. You pay an entrance fee and you see nothing.

Better to go in Montmagny to the other bank. You will not be disappointed and it's free.

The Manoir Richelieu is a high place of Canadian hotel industry where it is advisable

to book before you get there.


The Saguenay


The grand Hotel Tadoussac

the little church of Tadoussac


timber transportation on the Saguenay River


the Saguenay Fjord with in the background the

city of Chicoutimi


Fall landscape




black bear


black bear


 bears and beavers observations are done from Sacred Heart near Tadoussac. This is a good way to see

the bears in family, safe and with colorful local comments in 2002.



The grands Jardins park


The grands jardins Park

The grands jardins Park


lichens, food for caribous

We were surprised by the park's vegetation.

It's a tundra landscape with the ground covered with lichens.

We came to watch the caribou.

They really come into the park but in the winter .....